How to Get Mud Stains Out of Your Clothes

April showers bring… mud? The green soccer field turns into a mud pit, and the baseball diamond is a slip and slide of mud from base to base. Now that you have mud covered uniforms and clothing, what to do with it? Mud stains can be a real headache, leaving unsightly marks on our favorite clothes and fabrics. But fear not! In this comprehensive guide, we'll share effective techniques to help you remove mud stains like a pro.

Wait for the Mud to Dry Before Removing

First of all, do not try to remove a wet mud stain! I know, this is the exact opposite of what I have advised you to do with every other stain, but mud is a special stain. If you try to remove the mud before it dries, you will end up making the stain larger and also further embed the stain in the fibers of the clothing.

Shake or Brush Off the Dried Mud

Using a soft bristle brush, carefully loosen the dried mud on the article of clothing. Shake the loosened mud off of the shirt, making sure that it does not get deposited on to a different part of the clothing. Avoid rubbing, as it can embed the mud deeper into the fabric fibers.

Pre-Treat with Stain Remover

For small mud spots, laundering the clothes as you typically do should be enough to remove the stain. If the stain is large, you can pretreat the stained area with a stain remover or a mixture of mild detergent and water. Allow it to sit for a few minutes to loosen the mud particles.

Rinse and Soak

Rinse the fabric under cold running water to remove the stain remover and mud residue. For tougher stains, create a soaking solution by mixing cold water with an enzyme-based stain remover or oxygen bleach. Submerge the fabric in the solution for 15-30 minutes to help further break down the stain.

Launder with Extra Care

After soaking, launder the fabric according to the garment's care instructions. Using a laundry detergent like Purex® Advanced Oxi + Coldwater Power, can help tackle the stain while also keeping your clothing items smelling fresh & brand new. For best results, wash the stained garment separately to prevent the mud stain from transferring to other fabrics.

Check Mud Stain & Repeat

After laundering, inspect the fabric to ensure the mud stain is completely gone. Do not place the article of clothing in the dryer unless you are satisfied with the stain removal, as the heat can set the stain. If the stain has not been removed as well as you would like, pretreat again and rewash.

Air Dry or Sun Dry

Once the stain is removed, allow the fabric to air dry or sun dry, if possible. Sunlight can help naturally bleach and freshen the fabric, enhancing stain removal results.

Helpful Tips to Remove & Avoid Mud Stains

In the realm of stains, mud is a relatively easy stain to remove. These are a few key items to remember:

  • The more the mud gets ground in, the more effort it will take to remove the mud.
  • Let the mud dry before treating it!
  • Mud stains are going to differ from park to park. This is because mud is often a mixture of dirt, clay, and grass. During your stain-fighting, you may see that part of the stain is more persistent than the rest, or maybe there is a hint of green left behind. Use a stain remover, to pretreat the stain by applying it to the stain and allowing it to sit for five minutes. Then wash as you would normally do. This process will help remove any stains that might have been mixed in with the mud stain.
  • Consider treating clothes and shoes with fabric protectors or waterproof sprays.

Don't let mud stains ruin your fabrics and clothing. With prompt action and the right techniques, you can say goodbye to stubborn mud stains. Enjoy the great outdoors worry-free!

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Author: The Purex® Stain Lab

We understand that life gets messy and want to make laundry as easy as possible for you. With quality & value continuing to be at the core of our product development, we continue to create highly effective laundry detergent & supplies. We tested some of the toughest stains to keep your clothing looking brand new. View our Stain Lab for our best recommendations to get life's toughest stains out of your clothing.

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