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Purex® stain removal detergents are designed to help you tackle even the toughest stains, ensuring that your clothes look clean and fresh after every wash. These products are specifically formulated to remove a wide range of stains, including grease, grass, & tough food stains like ketchup & mustard.

Explore our toughest stain removal products, including Purex® plus Oxi & Purex® 4-in-1 + Oxi Pacs. Purex® plus Oxi liquid laundry detergent is our most powerful laundry detergent available, combining stain fighting while keeping your clothes bright. For an incredible spot-free clean, add it to your high efficiency or standard washing machine.

Made with the same tough on stains formula, we created Purex® 4-in-1 + OXI Pacs for a more convenient & easy-to-use way. With no measuring & no-mess, you're able to toss them in the wash & go without the pacs leaving any residue on your clothes.

All our stain removal products are tough on stains, yet gentle on fabrics, making them safe to use on a wide range of garments & colors.

  • Purex® Advanced Oxi + Coldwater Power Liquid Laundry Detergent

  • Purex® 4-in-1 + OXI Pacs

  • Purex® Sta-Flo® Liquid Starch