Purex® Powder Fresh Mountain Breeze

Purex® Powder Fresh Mountain Breeze

Powder Laundry Detergent

A dry laundry powder for a perfect, fresh clean, every time.

Purex® Classic Dry powder laundry detergent works deep into fabrics to clean and leave your whites white and your colors bright. Available with the popular Purex® Crystals fragrance spring time scents.

For the best fragrance experience use with Purex Crystals.


  • super affordable
  • active stain fighting ingredients to keep your clothes clean
  • designed to readily dissolve in water

Laundry Tip

Use Purex® Classic Dry laundry detergent to make oil or grease spills on the garage floor and driveway disappear. Cover a fresh spill with a thin layer of powdered laundry detergent and allow it to soak up the stain.

If the spill happens to be old, Purex® Classic Dry can still help! First dampen the area with water and then apply a layer of detergent and use a work/stiff-bristled brush to massage the mixture into the affected area. Sweep away the residue after 24 hours.

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