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Purex® Crystals Lavender Blossom®

Purex® Crystals™ Lavender Blossom® Scent Booster

Fragrance Boosters

Pamper yourself with an extraordinary freshness that lasts for weeks.

Look no further than Purex® Crystals Lavender Blossom Fragrance Booster for a way to infuse your laundry with a soothing & relaxing scent. These laundry crystals are designed to enhance your routine by infusing your clothes with a long-lasting lavender scent that will help you relax and unwind. Simply add it to your wash along with your regular detergent, and the scent booster crystals will help eliminate odors along with providing up to 12 weeks of freshness. The Lavender Blossom scent is a combination of sweet and floral notes that will leave your clothes smelling fresh and inviting. Try our long-lasting scent booster crystals that provides freshness for weeks, for an affordable price.

Purex® Crystals is an in-wash fragrance booster, which provides freshness that lasts for weeks. Use a little or a lot, directly in the laundry! Safe for all loads including towels, active wear, and children’s sleepwear.

Do not put in liquid softener dispenser. Irritant. May be harmful if swallowed.

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