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Purex Mobile App - Expert advice for stain removal, fabric care, ironing plus free promotions and how to keep your clothing and linens looking their best.

Purex Laundry Mobile Help App

Laundry help on the go

The Purex Laundry Help App is the most comprehensive laundry app on the planet. This app is the go-to guide for all key laundry care and support at the touch of a button. Oh yeah, did we mention it’s free? Download the app today!

App features:

Purex Stain Guide Mobile App

Stain Guide
Expert advice on how to treat your toughest stains.

Purex Ironing & Folding Tips Mobile App

Ironing & Folding
Learn the basics of properly ironing and folding a range of clothing.

Purex Product Information Mobile App

Product Info
Key information on Purex products.

Purex Label Decoder Mobile App

Label Decoder
Find out what those funny little pictures on your clothes’ tags actually mean.

Purex Laundry Timer Mobile App

Laundry Timer
Here to make sure you never forget about another load in the washer again.

Purex Barcode Scanner Mobile App

Barcode Scanner
Scan Purex products to learn more about them.

Purex Fabric Care Mobile App

Fabric Care
Helpful instructions for popular fabric types.

Purex Games Mobile App

A fun little memory game to pass the time waiting for your laundry to finish.

Purex Sweepstakes & Promotions Mobile App

A summary of all current Purex promotions.