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A Pure Beginning

Like many great beginnings, Purex began in a garage…

Starting in the family garage, father and son cleaning team, Lionel & Roy used a homegrown recipe to create a pure bleach product packaged in amber pint jars to sell at a non-inflated 15 cents each. It was 1922, and a jar of bleach would typically cost 25 cents. But, Lionel and Roy were determined to provide their quality product at a lower price to pass savings back to American families. Their homegrown liquid bleach soon found success and was dubbed Purex due to its clear, pure qualities and ability to make the household clean and healthy. Over the years the family worked to expand Purex with a focus on creating useful, everyday need inspired products offered at a non-inflated cost because of their commitment to providing a savings. Quality products at an affordable price has kept Purex in homes across America, throughout the Great Depression to present, as a quality clean that everyone can afford. Now part of the Henkel family, Purex has not lost sight of who we are: our innovative approach to providing a smart value, commitment to quality and passion for creating awesome laundry supplies still shapes all that is Purex.

Our Purest Points:

From product inspiration to finding a place on your laundry shelf – this is what the Purex team focuses on everyday:


A pure, homegrown attitude is our methodology for continuing to create remarkable products that are eco-friendly and sustainable. We like to think of ourselves as Lionel and Roy’s descendants – focused on finding inspiration from the home to make every family’s life easier through healthy, laundry supplies that really work.


We never compromise quality for cost. Yes, Purex products are affordable but always with the tradition of pricing our products at a non-inflated expense. This way, you get highly effective laundry supplies that are made of the best homegrown formulas for a fraction of the price.

Smart value

Like Purex’s humble beginnings a smart value is where we pass the savings onto you and your family while still providing an incredible product that cleans, fluffs and fills the fibers in your clothes for an incredible laundry experience. It’s smart to use and an affordable value.

Awesome products, Smart Innovations

For Purex, innovation is about formulating new products with quality ingredients at a smart value. Here’s a few of our favorites that really show how effective laundry care can be without compromising on quality:

Purex Crystals

Purex Crystals

Activated throughout the wash, Purex Crystals inject fabric fibers with long-lasting, cuddly freshness. It’s an excellent alternative to oil-based softeners that cause filmy residues. Say goodbye to that filmy, slick feel on clothes for good. Find it in the fabric softener aisle.

Purex® plus Clorox 2®

Purex® plus Clorox 2®

Introducing our best clean available. Purex® plus Clorox 2® combines the bright clean of Purex® detergent with an extra powerful boost of Clorox 2® stain fighters.

Purex for Baby

Purex for Baby

Your little one is special and their clothes need special attention. Purex Baby Laundry Detergent and Purex Cyrstals for Baby is safe and gentle and formulated specifically for your baby’s needs. It’s hypoallergenic and dye-free for a clean you can trust.