Wedding Survival Tips for Guests

By Purex | Apr. 29, 2014 | Tips & Tricks

Its spring, flowers in bloom, love in the air, and weddings almost every weekend from April through June. The thing about weddings is that the newlyweds have it easy, but wedding guests can look forward to five or six affairs to attend during the wedding season. Some wedding guests may expect attending one or even two destination weddings. Following are some tips to help wedding guests survive “wedding season.”

Deciding What to Wear
After the rush of excitement that a good friend is getting married and you are an invited guest, comes the realization that you need to figure out what to wear. Many weddings today are not a single night’s event – they can range from the nighttime wedding event, followed by brunch the next morning all the way to a weekend affair at some distant place. Some invitations will note the proper attire to wear such as black tie, semi formal, outdoors etc., helping to narrow down the hunt for the perfect ensemble. Don’t fret over purchasing a new outfit, sometimes the best look is right in your very own closet! If you find yourself needing some fashion assistance fortunately, there are services available. These services rent out designer outfits that include dresses, shoes, and jewelry at a fraction of the cost. Guys can even rent a suit or tuxedo.
Destination Weddings
Between the cost of a flight and three nights at a hotel, destination-wedding costs mount up quickly. Though, you can save on the costs. If your invitation included a “plus one,” there is no rule that you must bring someone. Chances are that you might already know some of the other guests that were invited. Call them soon after you receive your invitation and try making it a fun weekend away. In fact, if you turn the weekend into a longer stay you can use the destination wedding to launch an epic vacation.
Make Reservations Early
While booking flights early is obvious, remember that destination-wedding hotels often have a limited capacity (especially in season) so book your room early. Some brides and grooms set up special group rates with local hotels for guest convenience. Check the wedding invitation or wedding website for hotel group rate information; note these often include reduced rates for limited time and availability. If you hold off on making your room reservation, you may wind up in a second or third tier hotel, and not accommodated conveniently the rest of the wedding guests. Do not forget to use any travel rewards you accrued towards the cost of airfare and hotel.
Choosing the Perfect Gift
Every couple has their own taste. The reason they registered is to let others know what they want or need for their new life together. When buying a gift from their registry, do so early so you can stay within your price range and have the most options to choose from. Keep track of all the events leading up to the wedding that you might need to purchase a gift for and tackle those straight away as well.  Most registries today are available online, offer gift-wrapping, and shipping. When attending a destination wedding, have the gift shipped directly to the couples home to simplify the transit of the gift for both you and them.
Not Going?
If you decide that you are not going to the wedding for any reason, there is no reason for you to feel badly or disloyal. Most couples who are getting married understand that conflicts in schedules can happen, and that not every guest invited will be able to attend. They will be happy enough with your best wishes. So, after you send your RSVP card that says you are declining, follow-up a little after with a phone call to express your good wishes for the wedding and regrets that you are unable to attend.