Smart Time-Saving Tips for Moms

By Purex | Apr. 2, 2014 | Tips & Tricks

Preparing meals, tidying your home and cleaning the house all take time. While they’re all important activities, a few organizational tweaks could free up hours you never knew you had. Then, spend those extra hours hanging out with and enjoying your family instead of stressing over cleaning the house.

In the Kitchen
Whether your kids eat like birds or eat all the time, they’re going to make a mess in the kitchen. Simplify the clean up process when you organize meal time and your kitchen.

  1. Assign everyone a chore. Your older kids can help cook, and younger kids can set the table. Likewise, put everyone to work after meals to make clean up a snap.
  2. Prep on the weekend for the week. In as little as 30 minutes on Sunday afternoon, you can jumpstart your meals for the week. Chop veggies for snacks, brown hamburger for tacos and bake brownies. Then, place the prepped foods on a designated shelf in the fridge where it’s handy when you need it during the week.
  3. Organize the kitchen for efficiency. You don’t need to keep walking back and forth across your kitchen to find the soup ladle or bread knife.

With efficient organization, your kitchen remains tidy, and you save time both during meal prep and kitchen clean up. To get started, place the drinking glasses next to the fridge, store the cooking pots and utensils near the range and stack plates near the dining room or use whatever system works best for your needs.
Pick up the Clutter
The biggest eyesore in most homes is clutter. All those items that don’t have a permanent home make your house look and feel messy, and therefore stressed. Try spending 10 minutes each night as a family before bed picking up anything that’s not in its assigned spot.

  • Toss junk mail and file important papers.
  • Organize the laundry room.
  • Empty the dishwasher.
  • Pick up toys.

You’ll definitely also want to implement a Buy Back bin as you keep your home neat. It’s a designated container that holds everything from shoes left in the middle of the floor to toys sitting on the kitchen counter. Your kids have to do one chore to earn back an item from the bin, and everything that isn’t ransomed by Saturday at noon goes to charity or the trash. If you stick to your word for a week or two, your kids will soon be on board as they help you maintain a clutter-free home.
Clean the House
Who has time to clean the house from top to bottom every week? If you organize your daily schedule to include house cleaning, the process is easier.

  1. Focus on a different room each day. In it, vacuum or sweep the floors, dust the furniture and wipe off surfaces. In as little as 15 minutes a day, you can clean every room in your home each week.
  2. Deep cleaning requires more time, so involve your kids. Partner an older and younger child together to speed up the training process as your kids dust, sweep and organize. While they learn how to clean, the job gets done faster and play time comes sooner.
  3. Store cleaning supplies on each floor. Stop lugging toilet cleaner and rags all over the house. Under the bathroom sink or in a closet shelf, stock cleaning supplies and reduce the time you spend preparing to clean.

With these tips, your house stays organized and tidy. And you stop stressing over your messy house and start spending more time with your family.