How to stay organized and keep your sanity

By Purex | Mar. 5, 2013 | Tips & Tricks

Sometimes a typical day in the life of being a parent can be hectic. Before you know it laundry is piling up, kids are falling behind in their homework and little muddy paw prints are dotting your kitchen floor. Learning to prioritize and organize simple things can stop chores from building up and getting too overwhelming. Follow a few key ideas to help you be more organized and productive, letting you spend more time with your family and less on household tasks.
Keep a Calendar
Keep everyone’s weekly activities and appointments on a calendar where you can see what’s going on at a quick glance. A simple calendar will help prevent things like scheduling lunch with friends at the same time you are supposed to help out at your child’s school book fair. Note a start time and an end time for each event, even if there is not a set duration. This works well on electronic calendars or mobile calendar apps, which will block out the time for you so you don’t schedule another event before your previous commitment ends. Another good idea is a large dry erase calendar where everyone can write down their events in different colors to help keep things straight, but keep in mind a dry erase board won’t travel very well when you are on the go.
Designate Homework Time
If your family normally has events going on right after school, schedule homework time for later in the evening. If your kids have trouble concentrating closer to bedtime, make sure homework gets done before exhaustion sets in so they can concentrate. Keep homework set for the same time each day so that your family can get used to a schedule, letting you spend less time persuading your kids to get their work done and more time on other things, like getting dinner ready. The less time you have to waste getting everyone on the right track, the more productive you will be. If a glance at your family’s calendar tells you that something is planned during normal homework time, let your children know ahead of time when need to homework get homework done.
Delegate Housework
Enlist the help of everyone in your home to get household chores done. Even your little toddler running around the house can help put toys away. If you can, avoid a large “free for all” toy box and label smaller containers for toy animals, cars or Barbie dolls. This will save you time when your child desperately needs a certain toy horse and no substitution will work. Try letting your kids pick their own chores, and then set a schedule that they need to stick to. Letting them choose their own chores lets them do those they enjoy more, making them more eager to help out.