10 Autumn Organizing Ideas

By Purex | Sep. 30, 2013 | Tips & Tricks

When the kids’ summers end and school begins in the fall, life gets just a bit more hectic and disorganized. Don’t let the clutter sneak up on you this year. Instead, get a head start with these simple autumn organizing tips!

  1. Accessory Storage
    Accessories like jackets, backpacks, umbrellas and purses can pile up quickly all over the house this time of year. If you want to avoid a messy looking entrance and tripping over mysterious piles when you’re trying to navigate the house at night, install double ceiling hooks underneath a shelf near your door (if you don’t have a shelf by your door, maybe it’s time to think about installing one). Paint the shelf the same color as your wall to make it flow better then attach the hooks to the underside.

  3. Remote Bucket
    You know that horrible feeling when you sit down on the couch after a long day just to relax with some television, and then it dawns on you: the remote is lost yet again. Avoid a lot of frustration by establishing a bucket or corral or bin, maybe a wide mouthed vase or other classy container, for all the remote controls. You may not think so now but you’ll be thanking us later.

  5. Basket for Slippers
    As the weather turns from bright, dry and sunny to cloudy and muddy, it may be a fantastic idea to set up a basket full of slippers by the front door or back entrance. Not only will some soft, comfy slippers provide a nice, warm welcome to family and visitors, it will save you a ton of clean up time as an incentive to remove wet shoes and boots.

  7. Power and Wire Map
    This one may not be fall-specific, but this is something that your household should definitely have. If you wait for a power outage or storm to figure out the inner workings of your house, you may find yourself very frustrated and regretting not taking the time to do so when all was well. This map doesn’t have to be too detailed, but make a rough sketch of the house layout and denote the shutoff valve, fuse box, power source, etc. for everything in your home that uses water, gas and electricity. Color coded stickers will not only make it pretty, but also much easier to read.

  9. Wall Shed
    Are you one of those people that love yard work, but is constantly complaining about the fact that you don’t have a shed. Then stop complaining and take some initiative to change it! Sometimes you have to get creative. Hint: bungee cords stretched between wall studs in your garage make for a great place to store rakes, shovels, brooms, etc.

  11. Kindling Bin
    Who said firewood can’t make for a nice decoration? Just because plants can’t flourish in the winter doesn’t mean garden planters have to hibernate with them. Take a few of your nice pots that you receive for your favorite plants and turn them into a kindling bin for your fireplace. Not only is it practical, but it will look great too.

  13. Meal Planner
    Who isn’t a fan of easy meals, right? Setting up a white board calendar in the kitchen can be a great way to organize meals amidst busy schedules as well as get the kids involved in the meal making process. If you want, you can designate cooking on certain nights of the week to different family members, or you can just give them a little more input into what Mom makes for breakfasts and dinners.

  15. Individual Shower Caddies
    This may not be practical for all families, but for families with lots of women or families that use a lot of beauty products, setting up individual shower caddies can prevent confusion and frustration, especially between family members.

  17. Seasonal Toy Cleanout
    If you’ve got kids, then you know what we mean. This is something that should be done throughout the year, but fall presents a great time to get it done. Go through all your children’s toys together and ask them which they use most often. When you can agree on toys that are just taking up space, box them up to donate. Keep in mind, you may not often agree, so your kids may need a nudge in the right direction when it comes to some of their games and gadgets.

  19. Family Mudroom Organizer
    If you’ve got a family with teenagers, then you understand the nightmare of trying to keep all their dirty, smelly sports equipment, bags and shoes fresh and organized. As always, Purex detergents and Purex Crystals are a great way to keep them fresh, but if you’re looking for more organization, set up an organization system in the back entrance to your home where most of the mud is usually tracked in. Give everybody their own space and assign a metal bin to each member of the household, then line them up in the mudroom or under a shelf.

Just as humans often only use 10% of their brains, we believe that families often only utilize around the same percentage of their household potential. Staying organized not only will appease your mind, but you’ll become more efficient and impress all your visitors.