Toothpaste Stains

By Tasha Zander

Toothpaste stains make their appearance on bathrooms sinks and tiles, and sometimes on clothing. You may stand there in amazement that your child managed to dribble straight down their shirt! Not to worry; toothpaste stains are relatively easy to remove.

Sometimes these stains can be removed simply using warm water. Take a paper towel wet with warm water and blot at the stain. If the stain is going to be removed with this method, you’ll very quickly see it disappear.
If water is not enough, try a detergent such as Purex Free and Clear to pretreat the stain. Gently rub a small amount of detergent into the stain, and let sit for five minutes. Then wash under warm water (as long as the fabric can withstand warm water). This may help to dislodge the stain.
An alternative to detergent is to make a vinegar and water solution. Make a one-part white vinegar to two-parts water solution to cover the stain and let sit for five minutes. Then use a paper towel soaked with this solution to blot at the stain and loosen the residue.
The last alternative is to use a stain remover, such as Zout Liquid Spray. Apply to the stain and let sit for 5 minutes. Then launder as described below.
Regardless of what method you used, you will then need to launder the clothing item. If you are concerned about dyes and fragrances, use Purex Free and Clear as the detergent. Otherwise, try one of the wonderful fragrances in the Purex line. As always make sure the stain has been completely removed before you place the item in the dryer. If there is still residue from the stain, repeat the treatment process. If you were to dry the item first, the dryer could set the stain!
Happy Stain Fighting!