Perfume Stains

By Tasha Zander

Perfume stains can be an unexpected phenomenon. Spraying perfume onto your clothes may make the fragrance last longer, but if we aren’t careful, it will also cause unwanted stains on our favorite clothing. White clothes are more prone to stains than dark, but the fabric type and perfume color also play a major role when it comes to stains. In most cases, rinsing the stain should be enough to remove it, especially if the stain is fresh.
If you can, immediately prepare a cloth with cold water, then gently dab at the stain to lift as much the perfume off as possible (Helpful Tip: hot water can cause the stain to set). With an older, dried stain, make a mixture of vinegar and water and gently sponge the stain so the entire area is covered.
When laundering, we suggest using Purex Detergent with Crystals Fragrance. If you still see the stain after washing, apply a little more detergent to the stained area, and let sit for five minutes. Then, launder as before. As always, make sure the stain is removed before you place the item in the dryer; otherwise, the stain may set.
Sometimes perfume stains do not appear until later, after aging for a while. One way to avoid these stains is to spray perfume before getting dressed and let the perfume completely dry before dressing.
Happy Stain Fighting!