Nail Polish Stains

By Tasha Zander

Valentine’s Day, the busiest date night of the year is quickly approaching. Many women spend hours before getting nicely dressed, applying makeup, and painting their nails. What happens when you accidentally knock over the container of nail polish and spill it across your dress or blouse? If there were ever a stain to treat while fresh, this would be the one!
Make a small stack of 3-4 paper towels and place the stain face down on the stack. Follow these steps, regardless if the stain is wet or dry. Using a cotton ball or paper towel saturated with acetone (nail polish remover), gently blot at the back of the stain. You should see the stain being slowly transferred to the stack of paper towels. Then rinse the stain out, running water from the backside of the stain.
Repeat the blotting process on a new stack of paper towels and rinse until you no longer are able to transfer any of the stain to the paper towels. Turn the fabric around and apply nail polish remover directly to any of the stain if the color is left. Rinse with water and then spray the area where the stain was with a stain remover (such as Zout Liquid Spray). Let the stain sit for 5 minutes and then launder with your favorite liquid detergent (such as Purex Mountain Breeze).
As always, examine the stained area before transferring the clothing to the dryer. If there is residual stain, treat with a stain remover and launder again. You should only place the article of clothing in the dryer when you are content with the level of stain removal. The dryer can set the stain and make it very difficult to remove.
Have a Happy Valentine’s Day – and Happy Stain Fighting!