How to remove gravy stains from clothes

By Tasha Zander

Crisp autumn air, beautiful fall colors; it must be November! This also means that the long awaited holidays are upon us. Many of us will spend Thanksgiving with friends and family, carving a turkey, enjoying all of the holiday fixin’s. Hopefully there will be no spills, but there is always that chance that a piece of turkey coated in gravy makes its way to your shirt.

First, try to carefully scrape off any gravy that might be sitting on the surface of the shirt. You can do this while you’re still wearing the shirt! If you have club soda, carefully dab at the stain with a cloth soaked in club soda. This will help to lift some of the fresh stain. Gravy causes a greasy stain, which is best tackled with an enzyme containing formula. Lay the shirt on a clean surface and spray the stain with a stain remover such as  Zout Liquid Spray. Let sit for five minutes before laundering. For an added boost in stain removal use Purex Oxi liquid detergent, which is also an enzyme containing formula. Before placing the item in the dryer, inspect the originally stained area. If the stain still exists, try pretreating again and repeating the wash process.  Make sure the stain is completely removed before placing the item in the dryer. As I’ve said before, the heat from the dryer will cause the stain to be permanently set in your clothes. 

Happy stain fighting – and Happy Thanksgiving!

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