Chocolate Stains

By Tasha Zander

With Halloween around the corner, children everywhere are looking forward to all of the candy they hope to collect, and parents are dreading the sugar-high and stains that are guaranteed to cover their children’s costumes and clothes. One of the most highly looked forward to treat is by far chocolate, I know it’s one of my favorites. Chocolate can turn into a messy delight when it starts to melt causing stains that can be tedious to get out.
First Steps in Removing Chocolate Stains:
The first step with removing a chocolate stain is to carefully scrape off any chocolate that is sitting on top of the fabric, then rinse the garment with cool water. This also applies to chocolate ice cream or chocolate mousse. Removing a chocolate stain is definitely easier if you are trying to clean it when the stain is fresh. If you let it dry and set into the fabric, you can still remove it, but it will be a little more difficult.
How Stain Removers Break Down Chocolate Stains:
Use a stain remover that contains enzymes such as Zout stain remover. Enzymes help to break down components in the stain. For instance, amylase breaks down starches and sugars that you might find in chocolate syrup, lipase breaks down fats like the triglycerides that are found in cocoa butter that is used in milk chocolate and white chocolate, and protease breaks down proteins that are found in chocolate milk and chocolate ice cream. These three enzymes are found in Zout stain remover.
Sweet Products to Remove Chocolate Stains:
Apply Zout stain remover to the stain and gently rub it in to cover the entire stain. Patiently, let it sit for approximately five minutes and then wash it with detergent. A good choice for a detergent would be Purex plus Oxi as it also has enzymes that can help fight a chocolate stain. Before you transfer all of your clothes out of the washer to the dryer, make sure the stain has been removed. You do not want the stain to still be present when you put your clothes in the dryer because it will definitely set. If there are still remnants of the stain, reply Zout stain remover and launder the item again. Chocolate will be no match for your stain fighting abilities! Enjoy all of the treats – Happy Halloween!