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Ice Cream Stains Stain Lab

Ice Cream Stains

There is nothing better than a big scoop of ice cream on a cone on a warm day. Or a scoop of ice cream on a piece of apple pie. Or a delicious treat on a wooden stick that most children drool about. But what happens when that ice cream starts to melt and ends up running down the front of your clothes?


Perfume Stains Stain Lab

Perfume Stains

Perfume stains can be an unexpected phenomenon. Spraying perfume onto your clothes may make the fragrance last longer, but if we aren’t careful, it will also cause unwanted stains on our favorite clothing.


Toothpaste Stains Stain Lab

Toothpaste Stains

Toothpaste stains make their appearance on bathrooms sinks and tiles, and sometimes on clothing. You may stand there in amazement that your child managed to dribble straight down their shirt! Not to worry; toothpaste stains are relatively easy to remove.


Nail Polish Stains Stain Lab

Nail Polish Stains

Valentine’s Day, the busiest date night of the year is quickly approaching. Many women spend hours before getting nicely dressed, applying makeup, and painting their nails.


Deodorant Stains Stain Lab

Deodorant Stains

Happy New Year! It’s time to head back to work, wearing all of those neatly pressed shirts that you received over the holidays. Unfortunately, one of the stains that plague our work shirts are deodorant stains, caused by the reaction of the aluminum salts in the deodorant with your sweat.


Cranberry Sauce Stains Stain Lab

Cranberry Sauce Stains

One of the favorite fixings for any holiday meal is cranberry sauce. If you are lucky, a stop at your local grocery store provides you with this beloved side dish. However, if you are like my family, cranberry sauce must be made from fresh cranberries.