Swimsuit fabric care tips & keeping pool towels fresh

By Purex | Jul. 7, 2014 | Laundry, Tips & Tricks

It’s summertime!

The kids are home from school, enjoying the lazy days of summer, and what could be more natural than kids in water? Whether it’s the lake, the ocean, the local municipal pool or just a sprinkler set up in the back yard, water just plain and simply makes summer days more fun. Some kids enjoy the pool so much they will spend the whole day in their swimming suits, and why not? Swimsuits are comfortable and cool, and kids know they’re just going to head back to the pool over and over again, anyway.

Oh, but the extra laundry

With all that water play comes mountains of extra laundry. There are all those extra towels, of course. And then there are the swimming suits. You want those towels to be fluffy, soft, and above all else, absorbent. And you want those fun and comfy swimming suits – which can be a little pricey – to last all summer long. Here are some care and laundry tips to help keep your towels and swimsuits in tiptop shape from the first day of summer to the last.

Rinse well and often
Both ocean salt water and chlorine – like the kind found in public pools – can be hard on swimwear. Modern swimsuits are highly elastic and made from stretchy, artificial fibers. These can break down and lose their snap when exposed to salt or chlorine. Have your little swimmers rinse their suits in clear, cold water in the bathtub whenever they get home from swimming. If you have a chlorinated pool in your yard, get the kids to hose off every time they get out of the water.

Avoid the rocks
If you’re vacationing at the coast or lakeshore, provide beach chairs or mats for sitting on. While it can be fun and romantic to sit on a picturesque rocky point overlooking the water, rocks are hard on nylon and spandex swimwear. If you want your kids to avoid fuzzy bottom syndrome, keep them off the rocks too. If the kids just can’t resist a little rock climbing, protect their expensive swimwear by having them slip on a pair of shorts before they start to climb.

Wash those towels
Towels used for swimming should be laundered frequently. Public pools and beaches are not the most hygienic places, so a single use before washing is usually the best idea. Towels also often get left in a damp heap after use. This can cause molds and mildew to grow (see tips on how to remove mildew stains). If swimming towels cannot be washed right away, they should be hung up to dry out thoroughly while they await the next laundry day – this will stop mold and mildew in its tracks. Add a little bleach to loads of white towels, as well. This will keep them bright, and will kill mold spores as well. Try Purex® No Sort™ detergent for Colors for loads of colored towels to keep them not only smelling fresh but bright and clean without color bleeding accidents.

Fluffy fresh towels
Soft, fluffy towels may seem to demand the use of fabric softener, but it’s really best to skip these products. Fabric softeners can coat the fibers of your towels and greatly diminish their absorbency. Instead try a Purex fragrance booster such as Purex Crystals™, which come in 6 different enchanting fragrances, including hypoallergenic for Baby. Purex Crystals™ will leave your towels smelling fresh for weeks not days, and not reduce the absorbency of your towels. When it comes to kids and outdoor water play, absorbency is very important. The more water your towels sop up while the kids are outside, the less you’ll have on your tiles and carpets when they come trooping back inside.