Summer Laundry Safety Tips

By Purex | Jul. 16, 2012 | Laundry, Tips & Tricks

Summer is here and little ones are home as school and daycare may be suspended or running shorter hours. Having the kids home can be challenge for busy Moms who try to get household chores done as part of their busy schedules. Yet, parents have to remain vigilant making sure their children are safe. Often overlooked in home safety assessments for children is the laundry room. Following are some tips to help you ensure your kid’s safety around the laundry area:
Educate Your Kids
Once your kids reach an age where they can understand limits explain that the laundry room is one of those places they should not be in unless there is a parent with them. Stress that the washer and dryer are not toys and that laundry supplies should not be touched as they can become sick. Set limits – the laundry room should be an “off limits” area.
Doorknob Locks
If there are toddlers in your home, there are other dangers in the laundry room that cause concern. Bleach, detergents and even liquid softeners can present poison dangers. Invest in doorknob locks and use them to help protect your wandering toddler by prohibiting entering the laundry area.
Laundry Product Storage
Even with doorknob locks, toddlers show up in the most unexpected places. Just to be safe, store laundry products so that they are inaccessible to children and pets. Store them in their original packaging, as there are directions on the label on what to do if the product is ingested. When a laundry product container is empty, dispose of it properly. Do not repurpose detergent buckets or bleach bottles to other uses. Toddlers cannot read and if you use the detergent or bleach containers for other things, safety education is very diminished.
Dryer Vents
Many folks like to let their laundry dry outdoors – it smells great and costs nothing. However, if you do laundry on a rainy day, make sure that you check the filter to the vent in your dryer. If you haven’t used the dyer in a while you cannot be sure that you cleaned it. Lint in vent lines is one of the most common reasons for home fires that start in laundry rooms. This tip affects the safety of everyone.