Purex in 6 Words

By Purex | Mar. 13, 2012 | Laundry

We asked our Facebook fans to tell us “What Purex means to you” in exactly six words. The following are just a few of the more than 300 responses we received from our very creative fans. Thank you to everyone who participated. It was great feedback!
“Wicked clean clothes every single day”- Suzanne C.
“Purex means the ULTIMATE clean laundry” – Valerie K.
“As clean as clean can be – Saul M.”
“The best laundry detergent ever created!!” – Jennie T.
“Heaven in a bottle for clothes!” – Tina C.
“Clean, fresh smelling, laundry for everyone!” – Candace S.
“PUREX ….. Fills all my laundry needs.” – Nan A.
“All I need and then some!” – Lynda W.
“Peace of mind for my kids (purex free & clear)” – Misti D.
“Fresh clean smells great inexpensive happiness” – Loretta F.