4 gorgeous laundry room décor ideas

By Purex | Jan. 5, 2016 | Family Life, Laundry

It’s a brand new year, and you’re itching to redecorate your entire home, starting with your laundry room. There are a ton of amazing ideas you could use to spruce up that space, and we at Purex have compiled some of our favorites. Check out these four laundry room décor ideas and get inspired!



Pick a theme. You could go with an entire theme – and you’ve got bunches of choices. You could go farm or country, city or modern, vintage or classic. The sky’s the limit!



Paint a new coat. It does take a good amount of work, but nothing beats a fresh coat of paint to make the whole room nice and bright.



Use fabrics. Add dimension to your room and use flowing, textured fabrics as décor accents, such as around a sink, or along the walls. A little bit of fabric goes a long way!



Cute signs. These signs don’t take much to make: just an old picture frame, some crafting materials, and a bit of moxie. They do more than bring a smile to your face – it helps keep your socks paired up!


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