4 Brunch Stains and How to Remove Them

By Purex | Sep. 15, 2013 | Laundry, Tips & Tricks

Who doesn’t love brunch? Getting together in the warm, late morning with your besties for a tasty meal that’s not quite breakfast, not quite lunch, but a perfect blend of both. But what happens when, in the middle of catching up on life, that a country style potato escapes your fork? Or you laugh so much that your coffee spills all over your best brunch outfit?

Never fear! Here are 4 tips and tricks to help you battle the toughest of brunch stains, keeping your clothes clean and chic, ready for your next brunch adventure!



1. Coffee
It’s difficult to treat a coffee stain at the brunch table. If you can, blot the stain with cold water as soon as possible to remove as much of the coffee as possible and to make the stain less noticeable. DON’T rub yet! You’ll work the stain deeper into the fabric.

As soon as you can, run your clothing under cold tap water. Douse the stain on both the front and the back. Now rub the stain gently for a minute or two to help remove more of the coffee particles. Do this 2 to 3 times before you wash your clothing.



2. Grease
Potatoes, hash browns, french fries. The tastiest brunch foods can leave the toughest stains. Thankfully, there are a few ways to fight a greasy stain.

You can dab a tiny bit of dishwashing soap on the stain and gently rub. You can also pour a little of your favorite Purex laundry detergent onto the stain, rubbing together gently, and let sit for five minutes before washing. Be sure to treat and wash as many times as you need to get the stain completely removed before you place in the dryer.




3. Jelly
It happens to the best of us. Strawberry jelly and shirts. Don’t panic, and don’t rub at the spot!

Take a (clean) butter knife and gently scrape off any remaining jelly. To remove any particles that worked deep into the fabric, run cold water through the stain from the inside of the clothing item. Pretreat the stain with detergent, rub the fabric gently, and let sit for several minutes. Repeat this process before washing if necessary. Always be sure the stain is gone before you put your clothing in the dryer.




4. Bloody Mary
What’s brunch without a bloody mary with your favorite besties? But what happens when the tomato gets on your favorite shirt?

Run water through the stain from the inside of the shirt to get rid of any of the stain that hasn’t set. Then dab a tiny bit of vinegar on the outside of the stain, rubbing together gently. You can also use your favorite stain remover. Let the cleaner sit for about 5 minutes and then wash. Tomato can be a tough stain to remove, so check and make sure that the entire stain is gone before drying.