Staying Fit While Staying Home: Simple Ways to Add Fitness to Your Day

By Purex | Jan. 14, 2013 | Family Life

Everyone knows that after a certain age our metabolism slows down and those extra few pounds will be just a little harder to lose. For the stay-at-home mom, those stubborn pounds may begin to show up after baby number one, no matter your age. There are ways to stay fit while staying at home, and with just a few adjustments to your schedule and priorities, it is possible to avoid unwanted pounds.
If asked, most mothers will say a deterrent to exercise on a regular basis is time and energy. These obstacles can be overcome by:

  • Making yourself a priority
  • Getting adequate rest
  • Eating the proper foods

As mothers, women tend to feel as if they have to take on the world, and all the responsibilities in it, but in the process they forget to take care of themselves. Women tend to their children, to household chores, and all of the shopping, cooking and bill paying that keeps the house running smoothly. At the end of the day, you feel exhausted and the last thing you want to do is head to the gym or pop in that exercise DVD.
Step one in getting fit is to make yourself a priority. If the chores are piling up, ask someone for help. If the children are old enough, get them to lend a hand. Take care of your mental health. Nothing packs on the pounds like stress, so if you are feeling stressed, step away for a few minutes and allow yourself to take a break. Call a friend or relative to baby sit while you go and get a massage or a facial. Take the time to take care of yourself too.
Sleep – this may sound impossible, especially if you have a newborn at home, but it is important. Your body cannot maintain a functioning metabolism without sleep. Go to bed when your kids do. If there are still chores left to do, don’t worry about them, they will still be there tomorrow. Take a nap during the day. Even thirty minutes is enough to rejuvenate the system and provide extra energy.
Eat the proper foods. We get a lot of our energy from the foods we eat. Moms sometimes eat on the go, and that means grabbing a quick bite that may not contain all the vital nutrients you need to keep going. Stick to a diet that is high in fiber and contains fresh fruits and veggies. Eat lean meats and fish, and snack on a handful of nuts or low-fat yogurt. Energy does not have to come from just food sources. Listen to upbeat and inspiring music while you do laundry or wash dishes to stave off stress and keep energy levels high.
There are ways to add fitness to your daily routine as well. Invest in DVD’s that target specific areas of your body and only require 10-20 minutes to complete. One day you focus on your abs, while the next day you can work on toning your buns, legs or thighs. Go for a walk. If you need to take the kids with you, then go right ahead. It is always a good idea to teach kids about fitness from a young age. Join online groups to keep you motivated. There are a number of sites dedicated to helping moms stay fit, and to keep in touch with other mothers who are doing the same. Utilize your stairs at home if you have them, they are a great way to keep your heart rate up and the muscles working. Go up and down the stairs a few extra times while you are sorting laundry or checking on the kids.
Staying fit may not be as easy as it used to be, but it is not impossible. Make health a priority, and you will have a healthier lean and toned body before you know it.