Stay true to the new you!

By Purex | Jan. 5, 2015 | Family Life

It’s a brand new year, and many of us resolve to improve ourselves. We tend to set goals, write lists, and even share them with our loved ones. Our goals can vary from “lose fifteen pounds,” to “visit a foreign country.” Unfortunately, most of us will quit long before those goals are ever reached. It’s not for a lack of desire. Mostly, it’s because we’re creatures of habit, and old habits are tough to break.

Change is gradual

Switch up how you handle your resolutions this year. Instead of making a list of lofty goals to meet immediately, take your time. Don’t just jump in headfirst into your new lifestyle, dip a toe in the pool first and test the waters. Read some blogs, install some apps, and introduce change a bit at a time. Over time, they’ll become daily habits. This way, you’ll meet your goals, and it won’t be a chore. It’ll be your new life, and you won’t even notice you’ve changed.

Inspiration and aspiration

But where do you start? Luckily, we live in a world where we can easily share our experiences with one another. Here are some great blogs and apps you can start with. Hopefully they will provide the inspiration needed to make those changes you’ve always wanted to make.

Think healthy

Here’s a list of health and fitness blogs for your reading pleasure:

  • Grit by Brit – Brit shares custom workouts, diet plans, and the story of her personal fitness journey.
  • Girls Gone Strong – Decades of knowledge fills the site, meant to inspire women to become stronger in both mind and body.
  • Fit Bottomed Girls – Another great blog dedicated to health and fitness revolving around diet and activity.

Some great, accessible fitness apps to consider:

  • CARROT Fit– A humorous take on fitness progression, CARROT Fit will threaten, inspire, and insult to ensure results.
  • The Walk – This app transforms walking into a highly-engaging, story-driven adventure.
  • Power 20 – Power 20 is a slew of apps designed for people with busy lifestyles, where each workout is a bite-sized 20 minutes.

Explore new foods and diets

These blogs all have great tips, recipes, and information on food:

  • Food Babe – Food Babe is an investigative journalist and nutritionist who reveals startling facts about the common foods we eat.
  • Mark Bittman – Mark isn’t content to just talk about food, but about agriculture, environmental impact, and personal health as well.
  • Food Heaven Made Easy – This blog is run by two nutritionists whose goal is to teach affordable, nutritious, and healthy vegetarian recipes.

Great apps to help you with your new dietary needs:

  • HealthyOut – This app provides a list of restaurants who have specific dietary recipes on their menu, such as low carb, low calories, and such.
  • ShopWell – Scan foods on the fly to get full nutritional information on demand. Super helpful!
  • Out of Milk – One of the best apps on the market, Out of Milk is more than a grocery list – it also manages your pantry, and shows deals markets are having near your location.

Achieve Peace

Get yourself to a state of peaceful bliss, and here are some blogs to help you reach it:

  • Tiny Buddha – Its tagline is “Simple wisdom for complex lives”, and it offers incredible advice for most of life’s difficulties.
  • Q by Equinox – Approach wellness, nutrition, and lifestyle choices for both mind and body by reading Q.
  • Daily Cup of Yoga – Similar to Tiny Buddha, except it has a more spiritual focus. If you’re looking to pick up yoga, this is the blog for you.

Apps can help too, especially in our busy lives:

  • I Can Go Without – This app operates on a relatively simple concept – sacrifice something in order to give to someone else. For example, giving up that $5 latte, and donating it to a charity instead.
  • Sleep Cycle – Our bodies are highly dependent on the restorative nature of sleep. This app helps regulate, monitor, and measure your sleep.
  • Buddhify – Ever wanted to meditate during the lulls of your day? Buddhify does just that! Over 80 meditations designed to reduce stress and invite peace a few moments at a time.

Now stay true to the new you! You may even be surprised at your own strength.


Have you gone through great change before? Share your story in the comments below.