Simple Ways to Clean and Store Halloween Costumes

By Tasha Zander

If you have a Halloween worth remembering, your costume is likely going to show signs of holiday fun. Halloween candy or spilled drinks can stain your costume. Running from house to house trick or treating can make for one sweaty costume. Cleaning your favorite Halloween costumes and storing them properly keeps them safe for later use.
Washing Your Halloween Costumes
If your Halloween costume includes regular clothes, you can wash them following the instructions on the label. This may include machine washing, dry cleaning or hand washing depending upon the fabric. Most likely though, your Halloween costumes are made from special fabrics that require special care. Generally, your best bet is to hand wash costumes. Be sure to turn costumes inside out so you do not damage the outer garments.
Spend extra time on areas of your costumes that are most likely to be dirty. The areas around the armpits are probably extra stinky. The buttocks portion may need some extra scrubbing too if you sat down a lot and don’t forget to check the edges of the costume where garments may have been dragging on the ground.
Always hang costumes to dry or lie flat, depending on the material. You may be able to iron out wrinkles, but place a damp cloth on the iron so that it does not burn your costume. Always follow the instructions on costume labels for best results. Don’t know what the symbols on your costume label mean? Use Purex’s Clothing Label Decoder for quick reference.
Spot Cleaning Stubborn Stains
Unless you dressed up as a zombie or a mad scientist, stains on your costume are going to stick out. Spot treat stains if your costume is not pre-fabricated. If you find any tears while you search for stains, be sure to sew or patch them up before storage.
Storing Your Halloween Costumes
Improper costume storage can result in a wrinkly, out of shape costume. Hanging costumes helps to prevent wrinkles and keep your costume in its original shape. Always put costumes in a sealed garment bag to protect them from pests. Costumes that you cannot hang should be folded and placed in a bin. Wrap any accessories like weapons or wands in newspapers or bubble tape and store in the bin.
Keeping your costumes in good shape means that you will have one less thing to worry about the next year. Plus, although you can always get a new costume for yourself, your kids may want to wear the same costume again. Kids are too smart to be fooled by a new, similar costume. You never know when your little ones will want to play dress up. Better to have the costumes clean and safe for playtime, any time.