How to Throw a Great Holiday Party on a Dime

By Purex | Nov. 26, 2012 | Family Life, Tips & Tricks

Ah, the holiday season! As this warm and festive time of year approaches, people begin to anticipate all that this amazing season has to offer. Spending time with friends and family, exchanging gifts and warm wishes, and taking time to reflect on all that’s truly important in life. One of the most fun and enjoyable ways to mark the holiday season is by throwing a holiday party.
However, it seems to be more difficult than ever to find the extra money to do this. Don’t lose hope; you can still celebrate the holiday season and throw an incredible holiday party, even on a dime! Here are five tips to help you:

  1. Hit Thrift Stores and Discount Stores for Decorations
    Holiday decorations can be oddly expensive if you pay full price. The good news is that thrift stores tend to have second-hand holiday decorating items at incredible discounts. Discount stores are also a great source for party decorations. If you want to start saving money for next year’s party, be sure to hit the after-Christmas sales, where you can save anywhere from 50 to 90%.

  3. Consider a Potluck
    Why pay for all of the food and drink yourself? This can be the most expensive part of a holiday party. Consider asking guests to bring a dish or their favorite drink. Most people are more than happy to do this, and the shared community vibe will add to the holiday spirit at your party.

  5. Make Your Own Holiday Cookie Assortment
    This may require some planning, but if you bake at least 5 different kinds of cookies in the weeks leading up to the Holiday season and freeze them, by the time the date of your party arrives, you’ll have enough to make several variety platters for the party. Your friends and family will be so impressed, they’ll taste better than store-bought, they’ll have your love and positive energy in them, and you’ll save money.

  7. Buy in Bulk, but Don’t Over-Buy
    If you are buying food for the party, be sure look for ingredients, snacks, appetizers and other party staples in bulk. Be sure to know the final guest list so you can accurately gauge how much food and drink to buy.

  9. Send Your Invitations and Holiday Cards Virtually
    In this day and age, most people are online, and it’s completely acceptable to send e-cards and e-vites instead of paper and snail-mail. You’ll save money on postage and cards, and you’ll also save time and energy. (If you have all your guests’ email addresses, you can send your holiday party invitations free through (Bonus: This tip is also eco-friendly!)

So there you have it — 5 easy tips for throwing an amazing holiday party. It will be full of holiday cheer, but it won’t break your budget!