How to Prepare Your College Bound Student for Life on Their Own

By Purex | Aug. 20, 2012 | Family Life

When it is time for you to send your young college bound student off to college, you want to arm them with the best knowledge and most tools available to make the transition as easy and comfortable as possible. By sending them off with your moral support, as well as some practical tips and everyday items, they will be set for success in the beginning of their college career.
Following are some ways to help your young student keep things simple in preparation for a time that can be fraught with complexities.

  1. The Art of Packing Light: Teach your child that it is okay to leave some things at home and that they can enjoy them at home on visits. For instance, point out that they do not need to pack their entire CD collection and instead they can either store them on their computer or portable music device or enjoy them on visits home. Another way to save space in a small dormitory or apartment setting is to pack clothes based only on the current season, leaving the rest at home. You can purchase storage containers for your student that fits only the items that they truly need to help them comprehend what they think they need versus what is truly necessary.

  3. Laundry Basics are a Must: You want to make sure that your college student knows how to do their own laundry to keep their roommates and fellow classmates from any possible olfactory suffering. Ensure that they know how to separate clothing and what temperatures work for each type of clothing. One way to seal their laundry endeavors, and prevent them from trying to store their dirty clothes for visits home, is to provide them with a starter kit of supplies such as dryer sheets and Purex UltraPacks. Purex UltraPacks will make it easy and convenient for your college student since they won’t have to haul a large box of detergent with them on each laundry room trip, but instead they can pick up a pouch or two to get the job done.

  5. Budget Management Essentials: Your college student will be faced with many temptations in the form of credit card companies setting up shop on campus, as well as the chances to go shopping or out for social occasions, which all make for potential chances to make mistakes with money. Make sure that your student understands the level of financial responsibility that you expect of them.