How to Get Your Man to Help with the Laundry

By Purex | Sep. 10, 2012 | Family Life

Even if you love doing laundry and take pride in what you do, it’s nice to get some help. So while we all love the men in our lives… perhaps we’d love them just a tiny bit more we could convince them to help with the laundry.
The following is a list of ideas to help get your man in the mix!
Think Like A Man:
Try making it a competition. Men are competitive by nature, so throw down a challenge and watch him try to race you to the finish line. Suggest that his chores are easy and quickly done while yours require considerable time and effort. Offer to swap one of your chores for his, like mowing the lawn, which you know is not a daily task, or tell him he could never do as many loads in one week as you do.
Give Him Options:
Give him two choices and make sure one of them is significantly less appealing than the laundry. Tell him it’s either the laundry or the grocery shopping for the week, or laundry vs. helping the kids with their homework. Either way, you’ll get extra help!
Give Rewards:
We all like a little reward for a job well done, so make sure to reward him for his help. Offer him a night out with the guys and no curfew if he does the laundry for one week. Prepare his favorite meal as a special thank you for pitching in, or offer him a night of romance when everything is washed, folded and put away.
Say “Thank You!”:
Don’t forget to show appreciation. Men like to feel needed, and a simple “thank you sweetie” can go a long way toward getting him to help out on a regular basis. Remember not to criticize. Since he is new to the laundry game don’t expect perfection. Try not to point out that grass stain that he forgot to pre-treat, or the fact that he forgot to add fabric softener. Now if he turns all of your whites pink, then you might have to speak up, but try to let the small things go.