Throw the ultimate holiday sock exchange party!

By Purex | Dec. 1, 2014 | Family Life

Winter is a fun time to celebrate the holidays with friends and family. This year, try hosting a new party in addition to the usual White Elephants, Left Right, and Secret Santa parties. A very fun and hilarious party to host is the Holiday Sock Exchange. It’s a party where every partygoer gets to meet with everyone else there, to share their stories and socks, and hopefully leave with new friends and great memories.

Get together!
As with any holiday party, the more guests, the better! The Holiday Sock Exchange is broad enough to include friends, family, co-workers; you name it! Of course, you could tweak your goodies according to who is going to play. For example, if your party has more kids than adults, you could have more toys and candy. If the party has more friends than family, you could include more gag gifts and knick-knacks.

Stock Exchange Gifts

Party time!
The sock exchange is super simple, fun, and exciting. Especially when things get rolling. Plus it’s an affordable and creative way to give the people you know some great presents and even greater memories. Why host a regular holiday dinner party, when you could host a holiday sock exchange!

All every guest needs to bring is a cute pair of socks, an assortment of goodies to stuff in the socks, and a festive mood! Over the course of the evening, everyone trades socks and stuffs one of their goodies into it. This goes on until everyone has talked to everyone else, and the socks are stuffed. Then, everyone gathers to trade them one last time. Typically, the socks are passed around randomly, or placed in a pile where everyone can pick out the sock they want.

Everyone can then break out their goodies and wear their new socks!

Additional fun!
Although this get-together is already highly enjoyable, you could amp it up by adding some optional rules to the mix. These additions could go a very long way, depending on what your guests enjoy. You could make them up, or use some of our suggestions. The possibilities are endless!

Coal Sock: The winter holidays aren’t as much fun without the presence of coal – a sign that someone has been too naughty to receive presents. To play this gag, everyone brings a single piece of coal (wrapped to keep the sock from getting dirty), and during the festivities, everyone packs one of the socks with their coal. Talk about one unlucky partygoer!

Crafty Sock: Every item that your partygoers bring must to be hand-made. This is a very cute option for your friends or family who love to make things. It’s also much more intimate and personal than simply buying things from a store.

Sock Market: The idea here is to bring an equal amount of extra items, so everyone should have a pile of leftovers. Each partygoer can then use this pile to entice another partygoer to trade socks. This is especially fun when combined with the Coal Sock option!

Happy holidays!
When all is said and done, all that matters is that you, your family, and your friends have a great time. The holiday sock exchange party is one of the most unique and entertaining ways to bring joy and merriment to those you love this winter holiday! Now go get some socks!

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