Fun Valentine’s Day activities to do with the family

By Purex | Feb. 11, 2013 | Family Life

You want to show your family that you love them, and Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to show your commitment to each family member. Instead of spending tons of money on fresh roses, champagne and a night on the town, celebrate the day with inexpensive but luxurious treats.
Handcraft Heartfelt Cards
Traditionally, Valentine cards express love and fondness. Store-bought cards cost $3 or more, though. Save that money when you create heartfelt cards made from common household supplies.
From red construction paper or plain white computer paper, cut heart cards. Decorate the hearts with embellishments like

  • markers, crayons or paint
  • stickers
  • string
  • press-on gems
  • buttons
  • stencils
  • lace

On each card, include a heartfelt sentiment. Your loved ones may appreciate a special poem or song lyrics. You can also personalize the card by adding a list of specific character traits you appreciate about the recipient. That card affirms your love and will be cherished for years to come as your spouse and children re-read the words of love.
Share a Red Themed Meal
Eating out is expensive, and fighting holiday crowds is no fun. Prepare a meal at home that everyone can enjoy together. To make it extra special, set the table with candles and china. Accommodate younger children by laying a red sheet on the floor and enjoying a casual meal together.
Affordable meal ideas include:

  • red molded gelatin or finger jello
  • tomato and mozzarella salad
  • red beets
  • tomato soup with heart shaped grilled cheese
  • red meat
  • red baked potatoes
  • handmade pizza with personalized toppings
  • fruit salad with pomegranates, strawberries, red grapes and cherries
  • cherry juice or strawberry milk
  • heart shaped cookies or red velvet cake with red icing

As you prepare and share the meal together, you satisfy physical and emotional hunger.
Show Your Love
Flowers, chocolates and stuffed animals are expensive gifts. Why not give a gift from your heart that won’t die or be gobbled up in one sitting?
Consider giving coupons to your family members. For the coupons, think of activities that speak love to your kids and spouse. Suggestions include:

  • breakfast in bed
  • a coupon for fast food
  • a compilation of original poetry or drawings
  • a pass from weekly chores
  • garage clean out
  • a one-time curfew extension

The coupons show each family member that you love, value and appreciate them on Valentine’s Day and throughout the year.
Turn to Nature
Roses are traditionally a flower associated with love, but their price skyrockets in February. Instead of splurging on blossoms that wither, take your family on an outdoor nature hike.
With your camera in hand, look for red or heart shaped flowers, leaves, bark or clouds. Take a picture, print the photos and assemble a scrapbook or collage. You make a memory together that lasts a lifetime and doesn’t cost a fortune.
Every person in your family longs to feel loved, valued and wanted. Use Valentine’s Day to affirm your commitment to your family. Without spending a fortune, enjoy this heartfelt holiday together.