Fun Rainy Day Activities for the Kids

By Purex | Apr. 2, 2014 | Family Life

Whether you live in Atlanta where the annual rainfall is 48.6 inches, or in Los Angeles where 12.1 inches of rain fall every year, you need fun rainy day activities for your kids. Otherwise, they fight with each other, bounce off the walls or spend all day in front of the TV. Plan a few fun activities today so that you’re prepared the next time rain falls.
Swim in the Tub
Your kids can put on their rain boots and splash in the puddles if the outdoor temperature is warm enough, but rainy days are sometimes too cold for outdoor play. On those days, let your kids put their swimming suits on and splash in the tub. You’ll have to supervise as you let your kids:

  • Write on the walls with foaming soap or bathtub crayons
  • Experiment with colors by mixing fizzy tabs in different containers of bath water
  • Cover each other with bubbles
  • Play with toys that change color in hot water

Build a Fort
Most kids love hiding in forts, so give your kids access to a sofa, table or any other spot in your home that supports blankets and sheets. Inside their tent, your kids can read books, make shadow puppets or play with dolls, cars and other toys.
Find Forgotten Toys
Do your kids know which toys are hiding at the bottom of their toy box, under their beds or in the back of their closets? Use a rainy day to reintroduce your kids to all their forgotten toys. In addition to staying engaged all day, your kids clean up a bit, a bonus most moms appreciate.
Write a Play
Let your kids put their imaginations to good use as they write and act out plays or skits on rainy days. Give them a scenario or encourage them to write their own dramas, comedies or improvs. They can also build props, assemble costumes and set up the stage before performing for you, the neighbors and anyone who wants to watch.
Start a Game Marathon
What games do your kids like to play? Clear off the kitchen table or pull out the card table and set it up. As they play cards or a board game, your kids have fun and practice their good sportsmanship skills. Consider giving your kids breaks every 15 to 30 minutes, though, to eat a healthy snack, do jumping jacks or play hopscotch, especially if you notice frustrations starting to flare.
Dye Eggs
Not just a springtime activity, dying eggs keeps kids of all ages entertained for hours. Hard boil a few dozen eggs, and assemble a variety of dying materials.

  • Drizzle dyed eggs with rubber cement. After the cement dries, pull it off and dip the eggs in a different dye color.
  • With a metallic pen, draw geometric shapes, swirls and other creative designs on dyed eggs.
  • Apply flat or 3D stickers onto the eggs.
  • Wrap the eggs in a square of lace, netting or cheesecloth. Dip the eggs in dye, allow them to dry and unwrap the fabric.
  • Tie-dye eggs by wrapping them gently in a paper towel that’s lightly moistened with vinegar. Apply a few drops of food coloring to the egg, using a max of three colors per egg. Remove the towel after a few minutes to see an unusual design.

Rainy days give you and your kids an excellent opportunity to make memories and have fun. Try one of these activities the next time it rains, and watch your kids enjoy being stuck indoors.