Fun Family Activities To Do As The Weather Warms Up

By Purex | May. 6, 2013 | Family Life

Like a bear waking up from hibernation, your family can’t wait to get outdoors the minute the weather turns warm. Take advantage of spring fever, and do something active together as a family!
Take a hike
From the sidewalks of your neighborhood to trails in a local state park, hiking is the perfect activity for everyone in your family. Simply choose an easy path or a shorter hike so your little ones don’t get tired. Or run instead of walk if your energetic kids need a challenge on the trail.
Plant a garden
Find the perfect outdoor activity right in your backyard when you garden. Choose a corner of your lawn, and give everyone a shovel. Even your youngest children will enjoy digging up the dirt, looking for worms and picking plants from the garden center. And as you prepare your garden to produce tasty vegetables and beautiful flowers, your family bonds and has fun together.
Grill a meal
If you’re a diehard barbecue fan, you never put your grill away. But less enthusiastic barbecue fans wait until the weather warms up to dust off the grill, refill the propane or charcoal and pull out the meat.
No matter which type of barbecue enthusiast you are, don’t limit your first outdoor meal of the season to meat. Grill tomatoes, peppers or pineapple. Then spend time enjoying a delicious meal and hanging outside with your family.
Visit the zoo
Celebrate the warm weather with an educational and entertaining trip to the zoo. Watch the animals wake up from their hibernation, care for babies or soak up the sun. Remember to take your camera and snap photos of the kids and the animals for your family’s scrapbook!
Clean the house
You’re right–spring cleaning doesn’t sound like a fun family activity. But you’ll all feel refreshed and energized when you open the windows, pack up your winter clothes and sweep all the reminders of winter outside.
Get everyone onboard with the cleaning fun when you rename the chore. Say you’ll be giving your home a makeover or a hug. Then get started!
The playroom or children’s bedrooms are the perfect rooms to tackle first. Just be sure to add plenty of fun to the active chore. Turn on the radio and dance together as you work. Then give your kids worn out socks to wipe off baseboards, and let them run the vacuum. And treat the whole family to ice cream or a trip to the park when you’re finished caring for your home this spring.
Which spring activity will your family enjoy now that the weather’s warming up? Don’t wait until summer arrives. Get outside and get active now!