Find A Mother’s Day Gift Without Spending A Lot Of Money

By Purex | May. 6, 2013 | Family Life

If money was no object, what would you get your mother for mother’s day? While we’d all love to buy mom that luxurious vacation cruise or snazzy new car to showcase our appreciation, these pricey gifts just aren’t in the cards for all of us. Yet that doesn’t mean we can’t let her know we care with something a little more budget-friendly. Use one of these ideas to show mom you learned a thing or two about the value of a dollar.
Special Coupons
A great way to give mom a gift that will last is to present her with coupons she can redeem for everything from a hug or kiss to weeding the garden and taking out the trash. Be thoughtful and decorate the coupons, maybe use a hole punch and ribbon to make it into a pretty booklet. If you’re stuck on what to do, consider some of these ideas to get the creative juices flowing:

  • Car Wash Coupon
  • Hour of Silence Coupon
  • Hour of Chores Coupon
  • Doing the Dishes Coupon
  • Control of the Remote Coupon

If you’re feeling extra brave and generous, you can give mom a blank coupon so she can come up with her own idea.
Breakfast in Bed
The best part about making mom breakfast in bed is that you can wake up early to cook and surprise her as soon as she opens her eyes in the morning. However, there a few important steps to follow to make sure it’s an enjoyable experience rather than a disaster. The first and most important rule of successful breakfast in bed is cleaning. There’s nothing worse than a well-intended gift that leaves the kitchen in ruins. After your done cooking, be sure to return the kitchen to its original state. But bring mom her breakfast first so it doesn’t get cold!
Next, it’s crucial to make sure the room is arranged properly to maximize mom’s enjoyment. Make sure the pillows are set up to support her head and back as she sits up to eat, and don’t forget the small touches like flowers and her favorite music. Now for the food. Since crumbs will be an issue, think of an idea that might limit spillage. A bowl of something, or a homemade parfait might do the trick. If you’re determined to include some kind of toast, consider making French Toast because the syrup will keep crumbs under control. Another idea is to plan a two part meal: the first in bed with a snack and some tea and then a more proper breakfast at the table later.
Pamper Her
Trips to the spa can be expensive, so why not bring your mom her own personal spa right to the living room? Dedicate the entire day to pampering her so she doesn’t ever have to raise a finger. You can give her a mani-pedi, a back rub or a full body massage. Force her to relax on the couch, curled up with her favorite book or television show. While she’s vegging, take the opportunity to get some housework done without being asked. Let’s be honest, there’s always some dish washing, dusting, laundry or vacuuming that can be done, so suck it up and show some initiative. For the overly dedicated, you can plan a nice family dinner and set the table with some candles and flowers. Remember, it’s the thought and effort that counts!
Homemade Gift
What can you give to the mother who has everything? By thinking outside the box and harnessing your inner artist, you’re sure to make mom’s heart melt this Mother’s Day with a gift from the heart. Some unique and interesting ideas for your hand made gift include:

  • Decorative Artwork – this can be anything from a painting to a clay flower pot, all it takes is a little imagination and creativity to make something that would fit nicely on the family mantle
  • A Story or a Poem – what could a mom love more than your memorable account of her favorite childhood story, or a thoughtful poem that displays your affection and appreciation. Add some extra flavor by writing it on decorative paper or framing your masterpiece.
  • Pillowcase Tote Bag – you made need some help with the sewing machine to make this one, but this original idea is sure to excite

Being a mom is the hardest job of all, and it’s tough to find a gift that will reflect your appreciation. While we know she’d love fancy new shoes or diamond earrings for her special day, she’ll be just as happy spending time with you and enjoying your unique idea. So don’t worry about breaking the bank to impress mom this Mother’s Day. When it comes to gift-giving, a little effort can go a long way.