Fall Party Prep and Cleanup

By Purex | Oct. 31, 2013 | Family Life, Tips & Tricks

The leaves are falling, and a cozy party with your friends and family is the perfect way to celebrate. Don’t stress about the details – use this checklist to make prepping and cleanup simple.

Pre-Party Prep
You can move from room to room, methodically cleaning each thing in your path, or you can mix up your technique using this task-oriented checklist.

  • Dust: Halloween may have just passed, but you don’t need cobwebs in the corners of your rooms. Grab your favorite extendable duster and take it from the top. Dust the crevices between the walls and the ceilings, the crown molding, and the ceiling fans.
  • Scrub: Scuffs, stains, and marks that can’t be handled with your duster can be attacked with a sponge. You can soak your own sponge in cleaner, or you can buy one that comes already infused with special cleaner. Use your sponge for everything from crayon on the wall to grime on the switch plates.
  • Sweep: You’ve been working your way down, and you’re finally ready for the floors. Let your vacuum handle the big jobs, and then, finish up with a textured sweeper cloth. Textured cloths grab tiny dirt particles and dust for a truly clean shine.
  • Shine: Grab your favorite window cleaner, and clean everything that is shiny. As long as your TV screens, patio doors, and windows are sparkling, the whole place will look spotless to your guests.
  • Freshen: Just before your guests arrive, freshen high traffic areas like bathrooms and hallways with an air or fabric freshener.

Post-Party Clean Up
While your guests are in your home, the dirt can wait, but once you’ve bid them farewell, it’s time to return your home back to normal. Use this cleaning checklist and a few powerful products to streamline and simplify your post-party clean up.

  • Wash: Your happy guests have devoured your snacks, leaving a pile of greasy, dirty dishes. Don’t panic, a dish washing capsule is the best defense against dirty dishes. If you find a dishwashing capsule with the perfect combination of powder and gel, it will give your dishes a complete clean even after the food has been stuck on them for 24 hours or more.
  • Wipe: If food stains and cooking splatters have claimed your kitchen’s walls and countertops, it is time to hold them back with your cleaner-soaked sponge. For the best results use a grease-cutting cleaner for greasy food stains, but try an abrasive cleaner for stubborn stains on your stovetop.
  • Sweep: Grab your broom to get the last remnants of your party off your floor. When you are done sweeping, you can use a textured cloth to easily grab any stray food, crumbs, or dirt that was tracked in during the event and missed by the broom.
  • Freshen: Brighten up your home and remove any lingering party odors with an air freshener in your favorite scent. When you spray your furniture and curtains with fabric freshener, the spray will completely eliminate any proof that there ever was a party in your home.