9 affordable and meaningful Holiday gifts

By Purex | Dec. 4, 2015 | Family Life, Tips & Tricks

It’s the holiday season again, and that means lots of presents for everyone you know. You’ve got a ton of family, friends, and coworkers. This makes for a pretty large list, which means you’ve got a tough gift-giving job ahead of you!

But don’t worry about it – after you’ve prioritized buying gifts for your family, there’s still a ton you can do with what you have left over. Here’s a list of nine affordable and meaningful holiday gifts you could give to everyone on your list.

Plants. Possibly the easiest gift to give the green thumbs on your list, but there are still quite a number of choices to make. How young should the plant be? How large? How much attention do they require? All these answers are dependent on who you’re giving the gift to – if they’re the type who’s always busy, perhaps a terrarium plant works best. But if they have a garden, perhaps gifting them seeds would make for a better choice.
Scrapbook. Nothing says heartfelt more than a scrapbook filled with shared memories. Anyone you give this to is sure to feel the love! Just keep in mind that creating a scrapbook is a very involved and somewhat complex craft. But it will also be completely unforgettable.
Knitted garments. If you’re an amazing knitter, then crafting handmade garments would be an excellent way to give gifts this holiday season. They don’t have to be anything complicated: you could make hats, mittens, scarves, pouches, mug cozies, etc. There are a multitude of things you could make and give to the people that mean the most in your life.
baked goods
Baked goods. There’s a great new trend where cake, cookie, or brownie mix is put into a mason jar and gifted. It’s wonderful seeing colorful ingredients in separate layers in the jar. They make for visually stunning and highly thoughtful gifts that absolutely everyone appreciates.
board games
Board games. Lucky for us, there are a huge variety of board games to pick from – everyone loves board games! After all, they’ve existed in almost every culture since ancient times. Every family loves to spend time playing games, from the highly strategic to the superbly lucky. And you could play the very day you gift it!
Books. It’s odd to even have books nowadays, given the rise of digital e-readers. But physical books still have great value, and giving people your copy (perhaps even with your own scribbles and notes) has an incredibly deep meaning for many. Some of the best books to give are those that have stuck with us and enriched us for a good chunk of our lives.
gift baskets
Gift baskets. There are some great gift basket ideas out there, from the “Mom Survival” kit to the “Everything But The Ice Cream” kit. Just pick a theme and let your imagination soar with this super cool and super easy gift. Check out our Mother’s Day gift basket ideas article for inspiration!
homemade candy
Homemade Candy. Chocolate candies are the easiest to cook up – you just need a few ingredients: chocolate, cocoa butter, sugar, and of course the silicone molds that will shape the chocolate. Besides, who doesn’t love chocolate? Well, okay, maybe some people prefer hard candy or gummies. Just find a recipe they would love and go for it! Anyone on your list with a sweet tooth is sure to appreciate your hard work.
coloring book
Coloring Kit. This gift is for the kids (and maybe a few adults, too). It’s hard to go wrong with gifting a box of crayons or a package of coloring markers to the kids in your life. Pair with a coloring book or two, and you’re golden!


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