5 Essential Reasons We Love Texas Bluebonnet

By Purex | Apr. 7, 2016 | Family Life

The Texas bluebonnet has had quite the long history. Now you can enjoy the great scent of this Lonestar flower in Purex® Fresh Bluebonnet scented Detergent.

You already know about its great scent now check out our list of 5 Fun Facts about the Texas bluebonnet you may not have known.

    1. When the Texas state mascots were being decided on in the early 1900s there was a dead heat between the Bluebonnet, the Cotton Boll and the Cactus Jack. In the end the beauty of the bluebonnet pushed it to the top of the pack where it remains today as a symbol of Texas.
    1. Taking family pictures in Texas Bluebonnet fields is a longstanding tradition. They provide a beautiful backdrop synonymous with Texas pride and heritage.
    1. Overtime several different strains of bluebonnet have mixed with other common wildflowers resulting in some surprising and beautiful floral hybrids. Bluebonnets have been found in red, white, blue and even pink.
    1. For the past 52 years Chappell Hill, Texas has been the host of the Bluebonnet Festival. The festival hosts hundreds of exhibits focused on home decor, crafts, food and entertainment.
  1. Texas Bluebonnets inspired a song that was adopted in 1933 as the official state flower song. The song describes the beauty of Texas bluebonnets in full bloom and how they dance on the Texas horizon.