4 Essential Reasons why we Love Lavender

By Purex | Feb. 4, 2016 | Family Life, Tips & Tricks

You may have noticed that Purex has a number of products with Lavender as a scent, from detergent to Crystals. Lavender remains one of the most popular scents among Purex fans. But have you ever wondered why lavender is so great? There are plenty of reasons, but these four are our favorite reasons to love lavender.



The scent. The flower radiates a marvelously light smell. But it’s more than just a great-smelling flower. Lavender is often used in aromatherapy due to its anxiolytic abilities – in other words, it helps with anxiety problems. As a result, smelling lavender helps calm the mind and lighten the soul. Some people even use lavender as a way to help them sleep.



Essential oils. Lavender oils have antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties, and is commonly used in various products such as perfumes and salves. The oil can help reduce itching and swelling, helping soothe annoyances like bug bites. Most of the time, however, the oils are used for the flower’s calming effects and rich scent.



Tasty seasoning. Lavender’s role in the culinary world has been growing steadily for decades now, even being part of a blend usually called Herbs de Provence. Its sweet taste is best paired with milk, cheese, or even chocolate. Some aficionados add Lavender to tea leaves to add light notes to the delicious drink.



Puppy friendly. Ever been on a long drive with the family dog, and their anxiety kept them incredibly restless? One of the great things about lavender is that it’s safe for Rover! Put a drop of lavender oil on your pup’s collar during those times when they’re anxious or stressed about something, whether it’s a long car ride, fireworks, or a thunderstorm.


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