Last Minute/DIY Thanksgiving Decorating Ideas

By Purex | Oct. 31, 2013 | Crafts

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, chances are you’ve been scrambling to make food preparations and guest accommodations. While making sure the turkey reaches the oven on time is on the top of your to-do list, adding stylish, stress-free last minute Thanksgiving décor to your home isn’t out of reach. Gather household items, take a stroll around your neighborhood or gather a few inspirational pumpkins and decorative gourds for a tabletop centerpiece. Incorporate these super-quick, last minute, do-it-yourself decorating ideas into your Thanksgiving.

  1. Create mini-pumpkin cardholders and direct your guests to the table in style. Cut leaves out of patterned craft paper and attach to a mini pumpkin with a bent paperclip. Handwrite the names of your guests on the leaves.
  2. Hang a “Give Thanks” banner across your mantle. Print out each letter on cardstock with a decorative border and cut out the letters. Hole punch each letter card and thread a piece of ribbon through the openings.
  3. Attach a pinecone cluster to the front door. Gather 8 pinecones and 8 two-foot long pieces of silk ribbon. Hot glue the last two-inches of each ribbon to a pinecone. Collect the opposite ends of the ribbon and stagger them to allow the pinecones to fall at varying lengths. Tie a knot at the ends and hang on the front door.
  4. Put together a floral centerpiece for your table by adding mini pumpkins, berries and flowers in colors of orange, yellow and red to a wide dish. Create a striking contrast by adding icy blue place mats to your table.
  5. Use items in your home to put your Thanksgiving props on display. For example, place mini pumpkins on candleholders or “pedestals” or stack fabric covered pumpkins in the corner of the dining room.
  6. Spray paint some dollar store pumpkins white and add brown vinyl letting to spell out a Thanksgiving greeting.
  7. Fill glass vases with multiple layers of colorful dried legumes, nuts or dried fruits. Place a pillar candle in the center.
  8. Spray paint pumpkins of all sizes to add splashes of color to your Thanksgiving décor. Metallic painted pumpkins and gourds covered in glitter add a hint of glamour to side tables.
  9. Put together a quick wreath for your door by wrapping a wreath form made of cardboard with strips of burlap. Create a yarn bow and use the same yarn to hang your wreath.
  10. Print out your favorite Thanksgiving quote or a festive picture and display it in a frame. Decorate the frame with small pinecones, leaves and berries.
  11. Make pilgrim caps to serve as name places at the kids’ table. Paint miniature terracotta flowerpots black. Add a yellow buckle with felt and write the child’s name on the cap in white paint.
  12. Encircle a wide pillar candle with Indian corn. Use a strip of burlap or piece of twine to wrap around the center of the candle. Create a tight knot to hold the Indian corn upright and form a bow in the front.