How to craft an adorable Sock Monster costume for Halloween

By Purex | Oct. 6, 2015 | Crafts, Family Life, Laundry

You’ve got a big dilemma: it’s almost Halloween, and you haven’t had time to buy your kid an expensive costume. Plus you keep losing more and more socks every time you do laundry. But don’t sweat! You can use all those socks to make a great costume. They’re just sitting in your bottom drawer anyway; you may as well use them for something truly adorable.

The Sock Monster isn’t just super cute: it’s quick, easy, and light on the pocketbook too. In other words, it’s perfect! Tell your kid all about the Sock Monster, and how it plans to eat half of all the socks in the world. Truly terrifying!


  • Safety pins
  • Dark clothes
  • Dark grocery bag
  • Lots of socks


  1. Pin socks to clothes in a good, even pattern – make sure the socks next to each other are unique
  2. Pin socks to grocery bag in a similar pattern
  3. Go out and enjoy Halloween with your adorable Sock Monster!

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