DIY Valentine clothespin crafts – free printable!

By Purex | Feb. 4, 2015 | Crafts, Family Life

February is one of the best months for crafting because Valentines offers such amazing inspiration! What better way to express how much you love your family than with these DIY clothespin crafts! They’re simple, affordable, and super cute.

We used patterned, colored, and glitter paper to make our crafts. Be sure to experiment with different paper types to really give them a personal touch! 

Check out our clothespin crafts pinboard on Pinterest for inspiration!

Print Template

DIY craft materials
You’ll also need a few materials to put these crafts together – standard clothespins, glue, scissors, glitter, googly eyes, various candies, and knick-knacks.

Pin your love note to some cute socks
You could pin them on anything, such as these adorable socks.

Your family will love these amazing and simple notes
Give your kids or beloved something sweet to go with your favorite love note.

Get wild with your clothespins
Get wild with your clothespins!

Cuter is better, especially if it's a hippo!
The cuter, the better.

Pin anything: from candy and treats, to toys and clothes.
You could pin your Valentine’s notes to all sorts of stuff – candies, toys, anything!

 Always use googly eyes. Always.
Never underestimate the power of a pair of googly eyes.

Cute and sweet. Just like your loved ones.
Cute and sweet – two things your beloved surely loves.

Check out our Pinterest for cute clothespin crafts!