DIY Twisted Turban Headband

By Purex | May. 17, 2016 | Crafts, Family Life

You’re up on fashion trends. You’re. You use Oh So Chic™ scented Crystals to keep your clothes smelling in a way that matches your lifestyle. Well, here’s one way to keep being Oh So Chic on a budget. Do you have any old t-shirts or fabrics lying around? Instead of just throwing them away, try this awesome DIY Project and create a trendy, chic headband to go with any outfit!



Knit fabric (or old t-shirt)

Matching thread

Blog image 1
STEP ONE: Cut two strips out of the knit fabric. You should cut the strips to be about double the final width you want your headband straps to be. The strips we used were approximately 4 inches x 20 inches.


Blog image 2
STEP TWO: Fold each strip in half with right sides facing, then sew down the long side of raw edges. Flip right side out. You should have now created two “tubes” with the fabric.


Blog image 3


STEP THREE: With the seams side up, lay out tubes in the shape of an “X”.


Blog image 4



STEP FOUR: Fold strips over one another so that they are linked together, matching up the raw edges to one another.


Blog image 5


STEP FIVE: Take the unfinished headband and wrap around your head to see how tight you’d like to make the headband. Line up all raw edges and sew together with a straight stitch, cutting off any excess fabric.

Flip seam to the inside of headband. Voila! Enjoy this new look with your headband!