DIY Autumn Décor

By Purex | Sep. 3, 2013 | Crafts

The cheerful colors of autumn set the perfect tone for the festive season, not to mention make it much more fun to decorate! While the best decoration ideas typically tend to happen more often by accident than by design, a little planning can go a long way when it comes to preparing your house for the fall.
Since fall goes by so quickly, it’s important that we celebrate it while we can. Of course, our schedules can get busy around this time of year, and putting in this amount of effort may seem like a waste of time. However, if we forget to occasionally take the time to slow down and enjoy the world around us, we can often miss the most important details of life. What’s more, it’s proven that a well kept and festive home makes for a happier, healthier family. So set aside some time, get the family involved if you like, and use this list of ideas as inspiration to let your inner decorator shine!
Leaf Pressings
It’s hard to argue there’s any more beautiful part about the fall season than the vibrantly colored leaves that fall from the trees at every turn. An easy, creative way to preserve the beauty of colorful fall foliage is to collect a few select leaves. After you’ve found some pretty leaves, press them between books for a few hours to flatten them out. Once they’ve dried, you can display them in frames or between to pieces of glass. They go great in any common room, especially hallways and dining rooms, and add the perfect touch of holiday color to the vibe in your home.
Paper Cornucopia
Nothing says autumn like a good ole fashion cornucopia. To add a twist to this decorative holiday favorite, use paper instead off the traditional wicker cone and make your own from wrapping paper by folding into a cone shape and securing with tape. Then you can will with an arrangement of shredded paper, fruits and vegetables. Not only will it spice up your dining room table, but it also won’t break the bank while doing it!
Colorful Apple/Leaf Print Placemats
This decorating project is perfect if you’re looking to get the kids involved. If they enjoy helping, it can also be fun to turn this into a kind of family tradition by making new placemats every fall. Best of all, it’s simple, fun and actually quite useful presenting an easy way to switch up the style of your dinner table.
What You’ll Need: White paper, tempera paint, paper towels, and a collection of apples & leaves

  1. Start by slicing a few apples in half, exposing the seeds in the middle so they will imprint when you stamp them on your piece of paper.
  2. Select a few colors for making your prints. Fall colors such as red, yellow, orange, and hints of green and purple typically work the best.
  3. Fold a paper towel or two in half, then squirt a few colors of paint onto the towel to use as a stamp pad for the apples and leaves.
  4. Take a leaf or an apple and press it against the glob of your desired paint. Then choose a spot on the page to pres firmly, placing an imprint of your leaf or apple on the page.
  5. Repeat step four until you are satisfied with the amount of prints on your piece of paper.
  6. Once the prints have dried, take them to your local office store to get them laminated.
  7. Trim the edges to your desired length and voila – you’ve got a new set of placemats!

What we call “faux-liage” can be a nice way to add a subtle autumnal touch to a home office or family bookcase. First you’ll have to visit your local craft store and find some silk leaves. Buy your desired amount, they are typically very cheap and then place them creatively across a bookshelf or desk. Whether they’re pressed inside a frame or positioned along the shelves, they will catch visitors by surprise and certainly promote the festive season.
While there are many other fall decoration ideas that do not appear on this list, hopefully we have given you a little inspiration to get your brain working on some creative ideas to spice up your home for the holidays. Even if it takes a little extra effort, you’ll be glad you took the time once your family members and visitors start to notice. And don’t worry, you don’t have to tell them where you got the idea – your secret is safe with us!