Fun Rainy Day Activities for the Kids

Whether you live in Atlanta where the annual rainfall is 48.6 inches, or in Los Angeles where 12.1 inches of rain fall every year, you need fun rainy day activities for your kids. Otherwise, they fight with each other, bounce off the walls or spend all day in front of the TV. Plan a few fun activities today so that you’re prepared the next time rain falls. Continue reading

Smart Time-Saving Tips for Moms

Preparing meals, tidying your home and cleaning the house all take time. While they’re all important activities, a few organizational tweaks could free up hours you never knew you had. Then, spend those extra hours hanging out with and enjoying your family instead of stressing over cleaning the house. Continue reading

Purex Stain Lab – Perfume Stains

By Tasha Zander, Purex Senior Scientist

Perfume stains can be an unexpected phenomenon. Spraying perfume onto your clothes may make the fragrance last longer, but if we aren’t careful, it will also cause unwanted stains on our favorite clothing. Continue reading

Fun Spring Break Activities for the Whole Family

Though winter has been brutal, spring is coming as it always does. This means it is time to plan for spring break. With children home from school, planning some fun activities for the whole family is key. Continue reading